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„I‘m coming through the dark accompanied by morbidness, a bitter swallow is running down - the flavour of black blood fills my mouth“ – Endless Pain Lyrics; Copyright Iwan D. Holzer


Sagorah was founded in South Tyrol (Italy) in 2013 and stands for exceptional dedication to furious Death-Thrash-Metal. While their first album „I“ was a fusion of Modern- and Oldschool Metal influences, improved technical and songwriting skills took their sound to a new level and allowed the songs on their follow-up record „Control And Create“ to become more sophisticated.

In 2016 Sagorah decided to follow Manuel Stix‘ invitation to his Ambient Studio, who had special plans for their follow-up album. He wanted the guys to do a unique approach of live studio- recording with miminal editing and sparse sampling. The result reflects what the audience gets at their liveshows: an equally raw and clear sound which is driven by One-Takes. “Control And Create” is a record you can touch - truely exotic among Death- Metal productions.

Conceptually vocalist Iwan Holzer deal with socio-critical issues, touching environmental aspects and the everlasting question: “What is going on in the world today?!”.