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„We will be blasted away - blasted away by the fury of natures rage“ – And We Cry Lyrics; Copyright Iwan D. Holzer
Upcoming Gigs
10.06.2017 Metal Night @ KuBa Kaltern Caldaro - I with Subhuman, Keres, Dark Season
Past Gigs
29.04.2017 Metal Diele Vol.3 Luttach - I with Among Rats, Keres, Parhelion
18.02.2017 Rock Meets Metal Vol.2 Vöcklabruck - A T.B.A.
10.02.2017 DLJ Tour Steinhaus - I with Dead Like Juliet, Cronauta, Cathval
01.10.2016 South Tyrolean Metal Alliance Festival Vol.1 Brixen - I with Oltrezona, Depreciate The Liar, Stunde Null, Fieberwahn, Death Has Gone
17.09.2016 Disagiofest Open Air Miane - I with MAIM, The Silence Between Us, Drowning Thy Issues, Mill Of Stone
21.05.2016 Metal Night Bolzano - I with Anguish Force, Dark Season
29.04.2016 Papperlapapp metal night Bolzano - I with Fieberwahn
23.04.2016 SAGORAH CD Release Show Steinhaus - I with SILIUS, Depreciate The Liar, Krashah, Frozen Hell
26.03.2016 Death Metal Night Padova - I with Frozen Hell, Detonation Boulevard
05.03.2016 RockNet Academy EGNA - I
26.02.2016 INSO HAUS metal night St. Lorenzen - I with Karma's Right Hand, Hell Warrior
30.01.2016 STROMBOLI winners night Hall In Tirol - A with Follow Your Line, 5 Seasons
07.11.2015 MetalDiele Vol.2 Luttach (BZ) - I with Insane, Fieberwahn, Hell Warrior
31.10.2015 Helloween Metal Night Bolzano (BZ) - I with Anguish Force, Frozen Hell, Dark Season
12.09.2015 Stromboli Hall in Tirol - A
08.08.2015 Rock N Metalsoccer Luttach (BZ) - I
30.07.2015 Tirol Rockt Innsbruck - A
16.07.2015 Tirol Rockt Innsbruck - A
11.07.2015 Rock Im Ring Ritten (BZ) - I with In Flames, Graveworm, Refused, Kraftklub, Kontrust, Terror
16.05.2015 Mairock St. Lorenzen (BZ) - I
18.04.2015 Metal Diele Vol.1 Luttach (BZ) - I with Iron Fist
11.04.2015 Livestage Innsbruck - A with Silius, Morrigu, The Royal
28.03.2015 Park In Hall in Tirol - A with Atlantean Kodex
21.03.2015 Kuba Kaltern (BZ) - I with Iron Fist, Kings Will Fall
20.02.2015 CD Release Show Steinhaus (BZ) - I with Faithful Darkness, Frozen Hell
07.02.2015 Kings Will Fall CD Release Sarntal (BZ) - I
24.01.2015 Metalchamp 2015 Sand In Taufers (BZ) -I
15.11.2014 Death Without Borders Lana (BZ) - I with Blood Edition
04.10.2014 Death Metal Night Brixen (BZ) - I
09.08.2014 Rock N Metalsoccer Luttach (BZ) - I
26.07.2014 Rock'n Toul St. Jakob (BZ) - I
28.06.2014 Hammerfest Altrei (BZ) - I with Severity, Painful